Columbia ParCar Services in Jefferson, WI

When it comes to jobsite mobility, there’s no better solution than Columbia ParCar products. They offer the simple, versatile transportation needed in numerous environments—from the factory floor to an outdoor campus.

Remis Power Systems Inc. is your authorized Columbia ParCar dealer in Jefferson, WI, bringing you a great selection of utility vehicles to meet your on-site transportation demands. We’ll help you get behind the wheel of a product that can help you move, tow, haul and transport. As an authorized dealer, we have access to the full line of ParCar products, including:

Our team will gladly consult with you about your unique transportation needs and can assist you in making an investment in a ParCar model that’s ideal for your operations. Whether you need warehouse versatility or cross-campus mobility, there’s a ParCar for you.

ParCar Maintenance

columbia payloader

If you’re already in possession of a ParCar or fleet of ParCar products, let us assist you in keeping your investment up and running. We’re certified to provide Columbia ParCar maintenance in Jefferson, WI and have complete understanding of the maintenance and repair demands that come with these vehicles. No matter the model or the needs of your specific vehicle, we deliver top-notch repair that restores its function and extends its service life.

Battery Experts

At Remis Power Systems Inc., we’re experts in all things involving batteries. If your ParCar is having charging issues or is experiencing battery failure, make sure we’re the first to take a look at it. We pride ourselves in addressing and resolving battery issues quickly and completely, so you can continue to get the most out of your ParCar.

Contact our qualified experts today to discuss the sale or maintenance of a Columbia ParCar utility vehicle. We can be reached at 608-781-7144.