Should You Repair or Replace Your Forklift Battery?

December 23, 2021 12:27 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Forklifts and their batteries are integral to the function of any warehouse. They allow employees to move and retrieve otherwise unreachable items quickly, safely and efficiently. But most forklifts use a battery that can wear out over time. It can be difficult to know whether to repair or replace a forklift battery if you’re having problems with it. Thankfully, there are some factors that can help you decide whether to replace your forklift battery. Age Like any battery, forklift batteries have a lifespan. They have a limited number of charges before they need to be replaced. As a rule of... View Article

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Forklift Battery

December 8, 2021 11:46 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Having a fleet of well-maintained forklift batteries is important for any warehouse or distribution center. Your job is to move large amounts of products quickly and efficiently. Today many industrial forklifts use battery-powered forklifts, which are better for the environment and reduce the risk of combustible, fuel-powered drivetrains. A failed forklift battery can cause unforeseen downtime and cut into your bottom line. To avoid issues, it’s a good idea to recognize the signs when you should change your forklift’s battery. Troubleshooting your forklift’s battery Here’s how to tell that you need to replace your forklift battery: Abnormally-fast drain: After charging,... View Article