Frequently Asked Questions About Forklift Batteries

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Want a rundown of some of the basics of forklift batteries? Here are just a few of the forklift battery FAQs we get from customers as an industrial battery supplier in Jefferson, WI. Q: What are lead acid batteries made out of? Lead acid batteries are comprised of a selection of lead plates, lead oxide and a mixture of 65 percent purified water and 35 percent sulfuric acid. All of these components together create a unique chemical reaction that creates electrons and powers the battery. Q: Are there any hazards of which users of industrial batteries should be aware? It’s... View Article

Warning Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Forklift Battery

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Your forklifts are an important part of your warehouse or distribution center. Most warehouses use forklifts powered by industrial batteries so they can cut down on the potential risks and emissions associated with the use of engines powered by combustible fuel in indoor locations. This means it’s crucial that you properly maintain the batteries over their years of use. However, even properly maintained forklift batteries will eventually reach the end of their useful life. Sooner or later you’ll need to look into forklift battery replacement. But how do you identify the signs you need to replace your forklift battery in... View Article

Importance of Daily Pre-Shift Inspections on Your Forklifts

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If you’re in a field that requires the use of commercial or industrial equipment, it’s important to understand safety and maintenance above all else. The safety of yourself and of your entire team needs to be your absolute top priority, which means ensuring everyone has the right equipment for their jobs and that it’s all properly maintained. Equipment maintenance is one of the most vital pieces of the entire safety puzzle, and forklift inspections in Jefferson, WI are a great way to regularly ensure all of your machines are in top shape. What is a pre-shift inspection? A pre-shift inspection... View Article