Battery Washing Tips

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Industrial batteries need lots of regular maintenance and care to continue operating successfully. Investing in a battery watering system in Jefferson, WI is a great way to make the most of your existing industrial battery stocks.

While they are being used and recharged, the level of electrolytes inside a battery may shift and fluctuate due to chemical changes and evaporation. The act of watering a battery allows you to rebalance the levels of fluids inside your battery.

Battery watering is often a messy and potentially dangerous process, however. Single-point battery watering systems make it substantially easier to water existing battery systems.
You can keep your batteries properly hydrated, and working correctly, with ease when you opt to purchase a battery watering system. Here are just some things that you should consider when watering your batteries:

Don’t water too often: Your local climate, the charging methods you use and the age of your batteries will all affect how often you should water them. In most climates, batteries that are used heavily should be watered roughly once a week. If you only use the batteries lightly, however, they should only be watered once per month.

Know when to water: Never water a battery before charging it. The process of charging a battery causes fluids to expand and fluctuate, and a recently watered battery may run the risk of boiling and exploding. You should always water batteries directly after charging them. If your battery has an equalizer, use that prior to watering.

Keep it consistent: You should plan to water your battery on a consistent schedule. This will help you ensure that you are giving it the longest possible lifespan. Planning out your battery watering events in the future will also help you avoid missing one or two batteries—battery watering is an essential process for many industrial batteries!

Use the right water: Generally speaking, you should only fill your batteries with distilled water. Because tap water may have residual minerals and chemicals in it, it could adversely interact with the existing chemistry inside of your battery. You should generally avoid using any tap water in your battery watering system in Jefferson, WI.

Don’t overfill: One way that single-point battery watering systems make the act of watering your batteries safer is by helping you more easily control the way that you fill your battery with water. Investing in a battery watering system in Jefferson, WI can help you avoid battery overflows.

Remis Power Systems Inc. has been the foremost seller of battery watering systems in Jefferson, WI since 1980. We are proud to provide a wide range of industrial power solutions that meet the needs of each and every one of our clients. We offer specialized power management solutions that can help you extend the life of your machinery and existing battery stocks.

Reach out to one of the talented and professional representatives at Remis Power Systems Inc. to learn more about the benefits of proper battery watering. We can help you select a system and establish a process that keeps all of your company’s industrial batteries in tip-top shape. Call us today to learn more!

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