How to Clean Up Battery Acid

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Regular use and extended periods of disuse can both result in damaged batteries. Damaged batteries tend to corrode and leak fluids, which can be corrosive and dangerous. Extensive exposure to battery acid can cause skin damage, illness and damage to hard surfaces. Battery acid can be difficult to remove, and even the act of cleaning it, if done incorrectly, can be dangerous if you aren’t properly prepared.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can safely and successfully remove battery acid from a wide variety of surfaces. Working with a trusted provider of industrial batteries in Jefferson, WI is the best way to ensure that you are properly cleaning up any battery spills that may have occurred on your worksite. Because batteries are composed of differing chemical makeups, different types of batteries may require different cleanup procedures. Consult with your local battery experts to be sure.

Here are just some of the steps that you should take as you go about cleaning up battery acid spills:

Protect yourself: The first thing that you should do prior to cleaning a battery is put on the proper protective gear. Battery acid of any type is dangerous. You should wear eye protection, long sleeves and rubber gloves before handling even small batteries with minimal corrosion levels.

Do some preliminary cleaning: Once you’ve protected your face and skin from potential exposure, you should perform a preliminary cleaning on the battery itself and the surrounding surfaces that appear to be exposed to the acid. You should be able to use a metallic or wooden tool to gently scrape away crystalized acid.

Figure out the alkalinity: Not all battery acids are actually acidic. Depending on the size and type of your battery, it may actually contain an alkaline substance. Most household batteries contain an alkaline substance called potassium hydroxide. Many larger batteries and industrial batteries utilize acidic substances.

Apply a cleaning agent: Once you’ve determined the alkalinity of the damaged battery, you will have to apply a cleaning agent. For alkaline batteries, you should use an acidic cleaner, like vinegar or lemon juice. If you are cleaning up an acidic battery, you will need to use an alkaline cleaner, like baking soda mixed with water.

Wipe away the residue: After the cleaner is applied, you will have to carefully remove all of the residue off of the battery. You should begin by using soft, absorbent cleaners, like cotton sheets, followed by more aggressive and abrasive cleaners, like scrubbing sponges and steel wool.

Dispose of batteries: Once all of the residue is removed, you will need to properly dispose of your spent batteries. Depending on the state and jurisdiction in which you live, you may need to bring your spent batteries to a designated disposal center. Check with a supplier of industrial batteries in Jefferson, WI to be sure.

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