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A lack of battery watering is one of the main reasons batteries fail. Automatic battery watering systems give you a simple means of maintaining the correct water levels inside your batteries, preventing this failure from occurring. All you need to do is connect these systems after you have charged the battery to replace any lost water caused by gassing processes that occur during the charging cycle.

It’s also important to keep the levels of electrolytes at the proper height to ensure a correct sulfuric acid level, which allows for smoother operation of the machinery and an improved life expectancy for your battery. By maintaining electrolyte levels at that correct height, you will likely not have to make as many service calls in the foreseeable future due to cell failure.

Of course, to make sure the water and electrolytes in your batteries stay at the correct levels, it is helpful to have high-quality accessories for your battery watering system in Jefferson, WI. At Remis Power Systems Inc., we have a wide selection of these accessories available. You can peruse our website at any time to shop for these accessories online, or you can come down to our shop and check them out in person for yourself. These accessories include a wide variety of connectors, flow indicators, flip top watering caps and full-on battery watering kits.

Here are just a few of the primary benefits associated with better battery watering and the use of a high-quality battery watering system in Jefferson, WI complete with top-of-the-line accessories:

  • Savings: There are many ways you can save money by purchasing battery watering kits or other accessories from our store, including rebates and warranties. But most of all, you’ll save money with regard to the actual operation of your battery. Smoother operation means you won’t have to worry about making as many repairs, which kicks some savings back your way.
  • Safety: Battery watering systems make it easy for you to fill up your batteries without having to manually remove vent covers. This means you can completely avoid burns from battery acid, as well as noxious fumes and ruined clothing. Flame arrestors can also be added to prevent you from igniting the flammable gases in battery cells.
  • Extended life of the battery: A battery that has been properly watered will last much longer than a battery that is not properly watered. If you overfill the battery you’ll lose acid, but if you charge with low electrolyte levels there will be some significant and permanent damage done to the battery’s lead plates. Either way you lose some of the battery’s life expectancy, so it’s important to keep the battery correctly watered.
  • Convenience: The connectors easily snap on and off and the filling goes remarkably quickly, meaning you can fill each battery in a minute or less, then go about the rest of your day.

For more information about battery watering systems in Jefferson, WI, or about the other products and services we offer, contact the team at Remis Power Systems Inc. today.

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