Make Sure You Come to Us When You’re in Need of New Forklift Batteries in Jefferson, WI!

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The average lifespan for a forklift battery is approximately five years. However, the good news is that you can easily replace them to keep your forklift operating many years into the future.

When you’re in need of new forklift batteries in Jefferson, WI, come on down to Remis Power Systems Inc. We have a wide selection of batteries of all types available, giving you plenty of options to choose from to get the most out of your machinery.

Here are just a few indicators you might be in need of a battery replacement for your forklift:

  • Your battery’s charge only lasts for a few hours of use
  • You need to charge the battery multiple times per day to be able to use the forklift for a full shift
  • You notice a sulfurous, “rotten egg” sort of smell coming from your battery
  • The battery case has a noticeable buildup of corrosion on it
  • The battery begins to smoke while it’s being used or while it’s being charged

Some of these signs are bigger red flags than others. Any time you see your battery smoking, for example, you should stop using the battery immediately and replace it as soon as possible. A smoking battery is extremely dangerous and could cause a fire. While unusual, sulfurous smells can also be major red flags. There’s also the potential that the smells are coming from another part of the machine, so it’s important to ensure that it actually is the battery that is the problem.

Replacing a forklift battery

So how exactly does the replacement process work once you get a new battery for your forklift?

The process of replacing a battery is more complicated than, say, replacing forklift tires or other parts you can quickly swap out. You’ll need to order the battery as soon as your existing one begins showing signs that it is dying—usually loss of charge is the first telltale sign. Order that replacement to be shipped directly to your facility for your convenience—you can expect it to probably take five to seven days to be shipped there.

Once your battery arrives, it’s generally a good idea to have a trained battery technician come to your work site to install it in the forklift, just to ensure the job is done correctly. You should not allow any other workers in the area at the time of replacement—you’ll need to use another forklift to safely lift that brand new battery into place, so it’s better not to have a crowd around the area.

If you go with a professional battery technician, you’ll likely also be able to have the old battery removed and disposed of as part of those services. Usually it will be sent to a smelter to be recycled.

This is just some information about what you can expect when you need to replace your forklift batteries in Jefferson, WI. Contact Remis Power Systems Inc. today to learn more—we look forward to assisting you!

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