Tips for Columbia ParCar Maintenance in Jefferson, WI

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There’s still some time left in the 2018 golf season, and if you’ve gotten out on the links regularly this summer, you’ve probably gotten quite a bit of use out of your golf cart. Or, if you run a golf course, you might be in need of maintenance for your entire fleet.

At Remis Power Systems Inc., we are a Columbia ParCar dealer, so if you’re ever in need of expert maintenance for your Columbia ParCar products, we encourage you to give us a call!

Here are some tips for maintaining your golf cart batteries, and your golf carts in general, during the busy season:

  • Keep your batteries charged: As a general rule, you should always charge your golf cart after every single use. It’s best to keep the batteries fully charged, as much as possible, to ensure they stay in good condition for longer periods of time.
  • Don’t overfill the battery cells: You should check the water levels in your golf cart batteries every one to three months, depending on how frequently they’re used. Make sure the lead plates in the batteries are not fully submerged in the fluid. If you must refill the battery cells, you should only do so after you have changed the cart. After you do that, put in distilled water (NEVER tap water) up to about a quarter inch to a half of an inch over those plates. Within a quarter inch of water you’ll need to check your batteries more often, but at a half inch you’ll start to notice more acid accumulation, so trying to maintain the fluid levels between those measurements is your best bet.
  • Keep the batteries clean: You should always check your batteries for signs of dirt, corrosion or debris, and make sure all the connections are tightened appropriately. You can clean the batteries with a solution of water and baking soda, which can help make for clean connections when charging your golf cart.
  • Look for oil leaks: Keep an eye on the rear differential at the back of the golf cart for signs of debris or excessive oil on the outside. If either begins to show up in excess, there’s a chance the root problem is an oil leak, which you should address as soon as possible before it creates further damage.
  • Service your brakes: You should check your brakes at least once a year. This process involves checking them for signs of wear, cleaning them and then adjusting the pads, drums, pedal and cables as needed to ensure their effectiveness and safety.
  • Keep the tires filled: You should check the air pressure in the golf cart tires at least once a month, and fill them as appropriate to prevent uneven wear and to keep the tires in good condition for longer periods of time.

If you have further questions about maintaining your golf cart, especially with regard to how you can keep your batteries in good condition, contact Remis Power Systems Inc. to learn more about Columbia ParCar maintenance in Jefferson, WI.

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