Why It’s Important to Wash Your Forklift Batteries

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Industries and businesses that rely on heavy pieces of machinery like forklifts know just how expensive they are to purchase. Forklifts are great for the safe handling of oversize and bulk materials in enclosed and smaller spaces, like inside warehouses and around construction sites. To make sure ownership costs stay under control, forklifts need regular care and maintenance. This includes everything from tune-ups and repairs to inspections and cleanings.

Forklift batteries are not exempt from these regular maintenance needs, but why is battery cleaning so important? For starters, these types of batteries require regular cleanings using the appropriate battery wash equipment in Jefferson, WI to ensure they perform as they should, and to promote worker safety:

  • Reduce hazards in the workplace: Forklift batteries contain a sulfuric acid solution that can cause extreme harm. It doesn’t take much solution on the outside of the battery to cause painful chemical burns to your skin or eyes. To reduce or prevent chemical burn injuries at your place of business or worksite, plan to clean forklift batteries on a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Extend the life of the battery: Some amount of sulfuric acid solution (electrolyte) is bound to leak out from inside the battery. When it does, electrolyte can collect on the exterior of the battery. This can lead to a variety of problems. First, acid accumulating on the battery can corrode battery terminals. The product of escaped electrolyte is a residue that can build up and throw a wrench in the battery’s ability to charge properly. Using battery wash equipment in Jefferson, WI on a regular basis can extend a forklift’s battery life by up to 50 percent. Using poorly charged batteries can also have a negative effect on forklift performance.

There is a proper way to clean forklift batteries, and it’s important to do it the right way to avoid putting yourself and others in dangerous situations:

  • Wash batteries in a contained space: It’s not wise or safe to clean forklift or other heavy machinery batteries in occupied areas. It is crucial to wash batteries in a contained area far away from populated work areas and where materials are stored. When these batteries are washed, acidic solution on the outside of the battery can spray everywhere. It could come in contact with skin, eyes or clothing, or other sensitive materials. Consider investing in a specially designed battery cabinet washer or wash pad.
  • Don’t rinse battery water down the drain: There’s a good chance sulfuric acid will be on the exterior of the battery during wash time. As a result, the water used is now contaminated. For this reason, you must collect and contain all battery wash water and treat it as a hazardous material. Facilities with wastewater treatment systems can deal with it onsite, while those without can have it hauled away to a local certified wastewater handling facility.

Here at Remis Power Systems Inc., we carry a variety of industrial battery accessories, including approved battery wash equipment in Jefferson, WI. Contact us today to learn more!

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