What Exactly Is a Battery Watering System in Jefferson, WI?

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The batteries in heavy industrial machinery may fail for several reasons. For instance, lead acid batteries can flood, but one of the main reasons is a lack of battery watering. An easy way to ensure your battery performs well—and doesn’t fail—is to use an automatic battery watering system. It’s a way to keep the water level inside the battery where it should be. So, what exactly is a battery watering system in Jefferson, WI, and can your business benefit from one? Read on for some helpful information about battery watering systems.

What is a battery watering system?

As mentioned above, battery watering systems help to prevent battery failure. These systems can be used on batteries in large machinery and equipment like forklifts, as well as small motor-powered vehicles such as golf carts. How does a battery watering system work? You have to connect the system after the battery has charged. This water replaces the water that is lost due to the gassing processes taking place during the battery charging cycle. Also, electrolyte levels need to be correct so the sulfuric acid levels are ideal. All of this allows your machinery to function properly and can extend the life of your batteries.

It’s important that the electrolytes and water inside your batteries stay balanced. A battery watering system can help with this—you won’t have to remove every cell cap, then have to check for spilled acid on the floors and other things nearby. You also won’t be responsible for measuring by the water level in each cell of the battery by hand, hoping to get it exact. A battery watering system can make battery maintenance tasks much simpler, because once installed, there’s no longer a need to remove caps or measure water levels manually.

A battery watering system is a safe and effective method

Forklift batteries are essential parts of these pieces of machinery—and they are not cheap to replace. Like your large equipment and machinery, the batteries inside them work hard. As such, regular maintenance of batteries is crucial not only to the life of the battery, but to the forklift’s or truck’s lifespan and productivity. One such task is watering batteries.

Believe it or not, watering batteries is an important step of routine battery maintenance. However, when not done properly, the battery’s performance and life can decline and you could experience unplanned equipment downtime.

Here’s how a lead-acid battery works: water evaporates as the battery is used, so the water needs to be replaced regularly. When the water is not replaced, the battery life is sure to get cut short and can affect the forklift’s motor brushes. Even though we know that battery maintenance is important, some batteries aren’t maintained as well as they should be. The good news is that automatic battery watering systems take much of the danger out of the process.

Battery maintenance is a must for anyone wanting their trucks and heavy machinery to perform at an optimal level. If you are interested in a battery watering system in Jefferson, WI, call Remis Power Systems Inc. today!

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