Safety Practices to Follow When Changing Electric Forklift Batteries in Jefferson, WI

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Remis Power Systems Inc. is pleased to have a massive variety of batteries and battery accessories in Jefferson, WI for vehicles of all types, including forklifts. But it’s not enough to just have the right parts and batteries when you need to swap out your forklift battery—it’s also important to have the necessary knowhow to follow all safety practices associated with changing your battery. This is not just for your wellbeing, but also for the safety of every worker in the area.

Here is a quick overview of some of those safety practices you should be sure to follow:

  • Use a designated station: Any time you change a vehicle battery, it should be in a station designated specifically for that purpose. This area should be well ventilated so you can make sure poisonous and potentially explosive gases do not build up in the area. Any flooring in this designated station should also be acid-proof, as when batteries go bad there’s always the possibility that electrolyte fluids will leak out onto the floor. Acid-proof flooring will neutralize the potential for damage from those fluids.
  • Safety signs: You should have all required safety signs set up in your battery changing area. These signs should include a sign that designates the area as a battery changing station, as well as “no smoking” and “no open flame” signs. This ensures all workers and anyone else passing through the area will follow the proper safety precautions in the battery changing station.
  • Gas detectors: You should have the required gas detectors present in the changing facility so they can detect the presence and high accumulation of any dangerous gases. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher immediately in the vicinity in the event of an emergency.
  • Washing spaces: There should be a facility in the immediate area where workers can wash or shower if an accident involving spills of battery acid occurs. These washing stations shouldn’t just be restrooms—there should also be eye wash stations in case the battery acid flies into the worker’s face. Any such stations should be within 25 feet of the battery changing station.
  • Safety apparel: All workers involved in changing batteries should be outfitted with the proper safety apparel, including face protection, rubber gloves, goggles, inhalation protection (such as rebreathers), steel-toed boots and any other required apparel for workers.
  • First aid: There should be a first aid kit in the changing station that is fully stocked with all necessary first aid supplies to be used in the event of an accident.
  • Risk assessment and emergency procedures: As part of creating a battery changing station, you should also develop safety procedures or risk assessment procedures that will guide how all workers will perform these hazardous tasks associated with battery changing. You should identify all possible dangers and do everything possible to mitigate them and eliminate serious foreseeable accidents.

For more information about safety in the battery changing area, contact Remis Power Systems Inc. about electric batteries and battery accessories in Jefferson, WI.

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