Warning Signs That You Need a New Forklift Battery

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Industrial batteries in Jefferson, WI are an important aspect of your business. You may depend on your forklifts on a daily basis for moving product, and can’t afford to have your battery die on the job. If your forklift isn’t powered by fuel and instead uses an industrial battery in Jefferson, WI, you’ll want to keep your battery in top condition and look for these warning signs that your battery may be about to die, or is not operating at peak efficiency.

Signs of battery degradation

A worn-out battery could not only be powering your forklift inefficiently, but also be unsafe. Unstable electrical outputs from industrial batteries that are degrading could be damaging your forklift. Each battery can only be charged so many times before it begins degrading. The usual charging lifecycle of industrial batteries in Jefferson, WI is around 1,500 charges. Look for these warning signs that your battery is degrading and in need of replacement or maintenance:

  • Shorter battery life: If the battery life is significantly shorter than it used to be after being fully charged, its depletion time is too fast. You can extend your battery’s life by holding off on charging it until it’s depleted to at least 20 to 30 percent of its charge. Charging it every chance you get when it hasn’t been depleted much will shorten its life and result in fast depletions of charges.
  • Dim displays: Dim, flickering displays are another indicator that the battery is operating weakly. You can check the connection between the battery and the forklift to ensure the connection is secure and not inhibited by debris, but if your battery is old, it may be time for a new industrial battery in Jefferson, WI.
  • Excess sulfation: The lead-acid batteries that are common in forklifts contain a dangerous mixture containing sulfuric acid and water. As the water evaporates over time, it needs to be replaced during routine maintenance, or the sulfuric acid collects on the battery’s plates. This battery sulfation can also happen when the battery is not charging correctly, and can cause a decrease in battery performance and length of charging time. Eventually, the plates could be permanently damaged if left uncleaned.
  • Loss of performance: In addition to a weak display, the forklift may be slow to operate or get started. This is another indication to check the connection and health of the battery and for signs of sulfation.
  • Acid spills: Look for signs of acid spills on the ground and on the battery. Leaking acid is an immediate indicator that the battery needs to be disposed of and replaced, as well as the area cleaned carefully following proper protocol.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion around the battery terminals is another sign that the battery is damaged. This corrosion will impede the power connections and prevent the machinery from working.

If you need new industrial batteries in Jefferson, WI, contact the experts at Remis Power Systems, Inc. We know how important it is to have a reliable, properly functioning forklift for your business, and that includes a working battery. Give us a call today.

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