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It’s absolutely critical for your forklift to have a strong, durable battery that powers the machine so that it can handle tough, heavy loads. An operational forklift is needed to keep your business moving. There are two basic forms of battery that power forklifts: lithium ion and lead acid. Both involve particular setups and systems, along with various requirements and different price tags.

No matter what you need out of your forklift batteries in Jefferson, WI, rest assured that Remis Power Systems is here to help you. We only carry the most-respected brand names in the business and will deliver a high-quality product to you every time. Read on to find out everything you need to know about forklift batteries.

Lead acid batteries

These both provide power while also acting as a counterweight in a lift truck. The average lead acid battery includes a battery case, battery cables and battery cells. These create a liquid electrolyte mixture that includes water along with sulfuric acid, which comes into contact with plates that result in the creation of a charge.

Among lead acid batteries, there are again two main types: solid plate and tubular plate. While there are many technical aspects to the differences between these two, you can expect tubular batteries to last about four or five years, compared to three years for flat plate batteries. Flat plate batteries also need additional water to function and take longer to charge. However, they come at a lower price than tubular batteries.

Lithium ion batteries

These batteries consist of a variety of terminals, with anode and cathode housing the lithium. The movement of lithium is responsible for creating free electrons that are utilized in charging the positive terminal. Lithium ion batteries offer numerous advantages, such as shorter charging times and longer shelf life. However, they come at a higher cost and require another element for counterweighting. The cost varies depending on the voltage and counterweight required for the job.

Lithium ion batteries do require battery monitoring. Without this, the system is susceptible to overcharging. A monitoring system calculates the charge and protects against overcharging by bleeding off excess energy. Additionally, this will monitor the temperature, relay real-time info, store diagnostic error information and check the battery for problems like shorts and loose connections.

For all your forklift power needs

Are you looking for forklift batteries in Jefferson, WI? Remis Power Systems Inc. has been a family-owned and operated business since 1980. We have become an industry-leading supplier of industrial batteries and chargers. We proudly maintain an impressive inventory of new and certified reconditioned products for all your industrial battery needs. When you do business with Remis Power Systems Inc., you will find honest and experienced professionals who see things your way!

We recognized each one our clients has different needs and will work with you to customize our services to your specifications. Whether you are in the market for a new or used battery, want to set up a service program or have an unplanned service breakdown, we will be there to find the right solution for you!

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