How to Protect Your Car Battery from the Winter

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Car batteries are designed to stand up to adverse circumstances and weather conditions, but they can be damaged by exposure to extreme cold. It is much more difficult for car batteries to get started during the cold winter months, which means that it’s especially important to care for and protect vehicle battery systems in Jefferson, WI during this time of year. Read on for some essential tips to keep your car battery working the way it should all winter long.

Cold weather and your car battery

Car batteries contain carefully-balanced chemicals and components that work best under mild weather conditions and relatively warm temperatures. When temperatures dip below freezing, the chemicals inside of car battery systems in Jefferson, WI might freeze, and that can prevent ignition. Older car batteries tend to be more vulnerable to cold temperatures, but even new batteries that are designed for performance in freezing weather can still experience inhibited performance during the winter.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to protect your car battery from freezing temperatures and ensure consistent operation during the wintertime:

  • Shelter your car when possible: If you have a garage or a covered carport, you should use it during the winter months. Shielding your car from cold weather as much as possible can improve battery performance and significantly reduce the risk of damage.
  • Consider using car battery blankets: To keep your car battery warmer and minimize strain while starting your car, you should consider investing in car battery blankets. You can find these accessories from an auto parts store or a company that specializes in battery systems in Jefferson, WI.
  • Time starting attempts: When you start your car on an especially cold morning, make sure you space out your attempts to minimize the stress on your battery. If you try to start your car, but the engine doesn’t turn over right away, you should wait before trying to start your car again. While you’re getting your car started, avoid using any electrical accessories so that you can keep the stress on your battery as low as possible.
  • Store your car properly: A full tank of gas makes it easier for you to start your car. Try to avoid letting your fuel level get too low and keep your tank topped off during the cold weather months. You should also consider using a block heater for your car if you experience long stretches of especially cold weather during the winter.

Get help with battery systems in Jefferson, WI

For more information about how you can protect your vehicle battery systems in Jefferson, WI from extreme weather, reach out to Remis Power Systems Inc. As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to developing a positive reputation in our community by offering high-quality products and services. Our team can provide you with a consultation and personalized product recommendations so you’ll get exactly what you need. Give us a call to find out more about everything we have to offer or to place your order.

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