What You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Car Battery

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Have you been starting to notice some of the telltale signs of battery failure in your vehicle? It may be time for you to replace your battery. If you have the necessary knowledge, this is a task you can take on yourself. Otherwise, you can absolutely have a professional vehicle technician make the switch for you.

Once you have a new battery installed in your vehicle, you might be wondering how long your battery will last and what steps you can take to extend its life as long as possible so you can avoid having to invest in a new battery again too soon. Here’s some information from our team specializing in battery systems in Jefferson, WI.

Protecting your battery’s lifespan

Any battery you put into your vehicle must be capable of withstanding that vehicle’s electronic demands for years to come. As vehicle technology continues to evolve, those electronic demands continue to increase, so it is important to get a battery that will give you exactly what you need. The average battery will last you at least three or four years, and there are a few steps you can take to make sure your new battery will perform well for an extended period of time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Use battery terminal protections: You can purchase battery terminal protection kits for relatively little cost at any auto parts store. The kit will contain a pair of felt pads that fit around the battery terminals, as well as some dielectric grease that can be applied to repel moisture and prevent corrosion on the terminals, resulting in a strong, healthy connection between the cables and the battery.
  • Secure the battery: Make sure you’ve applied the hold-down bracket to keep the battery snugly in place. Excessive vibration of the battery can result in some damage to internal components, which could cause the battery to fail earlier than you’d otherwise expect.
  • Adjust your driving practices: If possible, avoid making short trips or letting the battery sit for long periods of time. Consider the fact that every battery will slowly discharge over the course of time, even when it’s not being used. The alternator serves as the battery recharger, but if you’re only driving short distances, then it’s not going to get a whole lot of time to charge the battery, which will result in the battery wearing down faster.
  • Avoid battery usage when the engine is off: Try to avoid leaving your vehicle lights on, or running electronics or listening to music while the engine is not running. All of these practices will result in you draining the battery quickly.
  • Keep the vehicle cool: Heat is one of the biggest enemies of vehicle batteries, so do whatever you can to avoid exposure to excessive heat. This means parking in your garage at home, or trying to park in the shade when out and about.

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