Troubleshooting Common Battery Problems for Your Forklift

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Forklifts are an essential component of many businesses’ daily operations. Unfortunately, the industrial batteries that power forklifts don’t last forever, and, like other technologies or equipment, they can endure their share of problems. If you run into industrial battery issues with your forklift in Jefferson, WI, you’ll want to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, there may be a few things you can try in your facility before bringing the battery in to be tested or serviced by a professional. Try these simple steps for industrial battery troubleshooting:

  • Charge it again: You may go to start your forklift, only to discover that your battery isn’t working. Even if you think the battery was charged recently, there may have been a fault in the system, or a mistake was made along the way. The first thing you’ll want to do is try charging the battery again, preferably using a different charger, to ensure that your battery isn’t just dead.
  • Check the water level: Aside from improper charging, one of the most common industrial battery problems is low water levels. If the water level in the battery gets too low, the battery can overheat and fail. Wait for the battery to cool down, then refill the water to the appropriate level. Make a point to check the water levels routinely in the future to prevent this issue.
  • Check the cables and connections: Another simple mistake that occurs with forklift batteries quite often is improper connections on the battery. Cables can come loose during operation or if they were not applied properly to begin with. Tighten any loose connections and try restarting the forklift. If you find a damaged or worn-out cable, have it replaced with a new one by a professional.
  • Clean contact points: If the contact points on your battery are dirty or corroded, they won’t be able to properly transmit electricity. You’ll need to clean any corroded material off using a battery cleaner. Avoid using a wire brush to prevent sparks near your battery. Also, make sure the battery is fully disconnected from the forklift or the charger as you clean it.
  • Test the charger: A broken or dysfunctional battery charger will prevent your fully functional battery from getting a full charge. Test your charger and visually inspect it for any signs of damage. Replace the charger with the proper model as needed.

Remember, industrial batteries that are more than five years old are more likely to have problems, due to consistent charging, use and wear on the battery cells. These batteries may need to be replaced with brand-new ones.

If you’ve run into problems with your batteries and no amount of industrial battery troubleshooting is working, visit Remis Power Systems Inc. in Jefferson, WI! As an industry-leading supplier of industrial batteries and chargers, we have the expertise required to test your batteries and offer repair or maintenance services. We’ll help you find a solution for all your battery-related needs. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!

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