How to Safely Clean Up Forklift Battery Spills

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Running any sort of distribution center that requires forklifts to move quantities of goods can come with a number of risks—it’s just the nature of the business. Worker safety is always paramount for all responsible operators and managers, but the fact of the matter is that accidents can happen. The best thing you can do is to always have a plan in place for any type of workplace mishap that might occur, and make sure that your entire team knows of all the safeguards and procedures that are in place. Education is your best friend here, so we are happy to share our advice on cleaning forklift battery spills in Jefferson, WI:

·      Notify and treat all relevant personnel: If you realize that there has been a forklift battery spill in your area of responsibility, first you need to go ahead and let every team member who has been potentially exposed to the spill know that they might have been exposed and will need to be treated. It’s always a good idea to have a forklift battery spill kit in Jefferson, WI to prepare for this contingency. If you find electrolyte on anyone’s clothing, remove it and get them in the emergency shower, and also flush bare skin that touches electrolyte while also flushing eyes.

·      Use the spill kit: It’s always helpful to have the spill kit nearby to be ready for cleaning forklift battery spills in Jefferson, WI. An OSHA-compliant one should be used, with all of the proper protective equipment included, to start the cleaning process immediately. Also make sure that you’re using the proper chemical socks to contain the spill.

·      Neutralize the spill: Use baking soda or soda ash (one pound per gallon of water) to neutralize the spill effectively. Apply it around the perimeter (outside edge) of the spill first, and then cover the full area with whatever neutralizing agent you have decided to use. Next, you’ll want to check the pH of the spill to make sure you neutralized it effectively—it should have a pH level of between six and eight. Some products even change color when the acidity is neutralized.

·      Soak and store: Soak up the spill with pads or pillows to get it off the shop floor, or you can even use absorbing clay in a pinch if that’s all you have available. Next, make sure you store away all effected materials in an acid-resistant container when you’re cleaning forklift battery spills in Jefferson, WI. Clean the affected battery and contact your local environmental authorities to learn more about disposal. Finally, always make sure you file a full report with management about everything that occurred during the entire process.

Working with forklifts and other heavy equipment can carry some risk, but a little preparation can go a long way. By preparing to deal with hazards like forklift battery spills, you are setting yourself up to have a productive and safe workspace that is a welcoming place for all of your employees. Our team at Remis Power Systems Inc. knows that an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure in these instances. Reach out to us for more tips!

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