Identifying Forklift Battery Failure

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When you’re working in a warehouse environment that requires heavy equipment, failures and challenges are going to be inevitable. Workers might get injured or sick, or equipment can fail for any number of reasons. The trick that we here at Remis Power Systems Inc. have learned is to be ready for any of these problems by preparing well ahead of time. This means identifying and establishing standard protocols, enforcing them and making sure that all relevant personnel are kept abreast of all of them.

You can really save yourself a lot of headache by following these simple rules, and one such challenge that can occur is forklift battery failure in Jefferson, WI. We’ve outlined some tips below that can help you navigate this very common occurrence in warehouse settings.

Excessive sulfation

Many batteries are the type that use lead-acid, and these contain both water and sulfuric acid. This water is a finite resource, and can evaporate over time, so it’s something for you and your team to monitor. This water needs to be topped off because a lack of it can cause sulfuric acid to collect on the plates of the battery—this is a process commonly known as battery sulfation. This grinds batteries down as charging times increase and power decreases, and will eventually damage the battery, which might lead to a time when you need to replace a forklift battery in Jefferson, WI. Avoid this expensive possibility by staying on top of the water issue.

Electric forklifts reduce performance

An electric forklift can also be affected by battery performance issues, especially when you notice a decrease in power and performance, or even notice that the lights on the display are dimmer than usual—these are all warning signs that the battery is in decline and needs to be addressed through repair or replacement. Make sure that the connection between the battery and the body of the forklift itself is good to go—it should be clean and secure, and cleared of any sort of debris or loose junk that can hamper a good, solid connection. A forklift battery failure in Jefferson, WI can oftentimes be traced to a culprit as simple as the need for an improved physical connection.

Corroded terminals

Scheduled maintenance is your friend when it comes to making sure all of your equipment is in top shape. Deferring maintenance for another day is one of the biggest causes for failure that we see on the job, and you want to make sure that this doesn’t describe your operation or your approach. Corroded terminals can result from this neglect, meaning that a battery is no longer doing the best job of transferring power to the actual operation of the forklift.

Working with equipment like forklifts comes with the territory in a warehouse setting, so forklift battery failure in Jefferson, WI also comes with that territory. Sticking with scheduled maintenance and being an attentive manager of equipment operation can go a long way towards mitigating this, so be in touch with your entire team at all times about best practices for maintenance. Contact Remis Power Systems Inc. for more information and tips.

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