Can My Forklift Battery Be Repaired?

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It’s a question every forklift owner has to face eventually: should I repair my forklift battery in Jefferson, WI, or replace it? Often, forklift owners are hoping they do not have to replace a forklift battery due to the cost. Of course, repairs might not be worth it if they are more than a simple replacement. How can you know whether to repair or replace? Here’s when (and how) to repair a forklift battery in Jefferson, WI.

When the water level is low

Low water levels are a common reason for forklift battery failure. If not corrected in a timely manner, insufficient water can cause serious damage to the battery, and you may have to replace your forklift battery in Jefferson, WI.

To prevent this unnecessary shortening of the battery’s lifespan, remain diligent about checking and refilling the water. Before and after each cleaning, you should add enough water to cover the splash guard. Do not overwater, as this can cause corrosion. You should also check to make sure the fluids are 70 percent water and 30 percent sulfuric acid. Use a hydrometer for this measurement or consult with a professional. (Note: If the acid level needs adjustment, always leave this task to an experienced technician.)

When the battery needs charging

Your forklift battery should last at least 1,500 charge cycles. That’s typically about five years. Keep this in mind as you consider charging the battery. Don’t overcharge it. You should not recharge the battery until it has been discharged 80 percent. When you recharge earlier than necessary, you reduce the lifespan of the battery.

It’s also important to equalize the charge. This task should be done twice each month. Simply use the equalize feature on your charger. Remember that this does not need to be done every charge—complete this after every five charge cycles. More frequent equalizing reduces battery life, while proper equalizing will add several hours to your charge time.

When corrosion creeps in

As you use and recharge your battery, vapors escape the unit. These acidic emissions cause corrosion over time. If too much corrosion occurs, you will have to replace a forklift battery in Jefferson, WI. Fortunately, you can prevent this with annual washing of the battery.

You should also check connectors, cables and the battery itself for corrosion. Only perform this check when the battery is disconnected. If you notice any corrosion or loose cables, be sure to consult with a professional to repair a forklift battery in Jefferson, WI.

We repair and replace

Whether you need to repair a forklift battery in Jefferson, WI, or it’s time to replace the part, the experts at Remis Power Systems Inc. are ready to assist you. Serving customers with excellence since 1980, we are an industry leader in batteries and chargers. We specialize in new and used batteries, service programs and battery repairs. Our experienced team is here to meet your needs with honest, reliable service, every time. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule your next battery service.

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