How Battery Washing Can Improve Your Forklift Battery’s Performance

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Forklift battery care in Jefferson, WI is crucial to optimal forklift performance. This includes forklift battery washing. If you want reliable, long-lasting operation from your forklift, this maintenance task is a must. Here’s what you need to know.

Why is forklift battery washing in Jefferson, WI important?

Manufacturers of forklift batteries recommend washing as part of regular maintenance. This cleaning removes pollutants, electrolyte and other debris that can cause corrosion of the battery. Over time, this corrosion will negatively affect the battery’s performance, and therefore the forklift’s performance.

If you fail to complete the necessary forklift battery washing in Jefferson, WI, your machinery can suffer in one or more ways. These problems can be minor, or they can become major issues that require expensive repairs or even forklift replacement.

Potential problems include a weakened battery case, voltage leaks, shorter operating life, increased self-discharge rate and increased human exposure to electrolyte. These pose hazards to the forklift and its handlers.

What is the appropriate method for forklift battery washing in Jefferson, WI?

Because forklift batteries include materials that can be hazardous, it is important to use proper procedures for this forklift battery care in Jefferson, WI. Any runoff from the washing process may contain contaminants. Therefore, it is important to contain this runoff during and after battery washing.

To ensure proper containment, always partner with a professional to complete forklift battery washing in Jefferson, WI. These experts have the equipment and knowledge to collect wastewater and safely clean your forklift battery for optimal performance.

Who can I turn to for forklift battery care in Jefferson, WI?

When it’s time to wash your forklift battery, look for experts who have an established reputation in their field. Find out how much experience they have and what their processes are for forklift battery washing in Jefferson, WI. Read reviews to determine what kind of experience others have had with the company. Ask the company directly for references. This vetting process will help you find professionals you can trust with this task.

These professionals can either complete your forklift battery washing for you, or supply you with the appropriate equipment to do so. They can also answer any questions you have, to make sure you are getting the best services for your needs.

How will forklift battery washing in Jefferson, WI benefit me?

If you are faithful in completing this maintenance for your forklift, your machine will perform better for you in the long run. The forklift will not suffer from the problems listed previously, and you’ll enjoy better ROI from your forklift.

Partner with the pros

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