How to Maintain Different Types of Forklift Battery Connectors

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When your forklift battery isn’t fastened securely in place, you’ll likely see several immediate and long-term drawbacks. The battery life is shortened significantly. Your forklift’s performance is visibly diminished. You run the risk of doing real damage to your forklift as a whole. Worst of all, you put your employees at risk.

Just as you would charge your batteries, clean them periodically and make sure the water level was at just the right height, so too should you make sure that your forklift battery connections in Jefferson, WI are doing their job. Depending on what type of forklift and battery you have, you’ll require different strategies to keep your battery in tip-top shape.

Types of battery connectors

When working with forklifts, your first step is establishing which kinds of connectors you’re working with. There are two primary types of forklift battery connections in Jefferson, WI:

  • Anderson connectors, or flat connectors, are relatively basic in design. There are two primary parts: the flat wire connectors, and the housing units into which they fit. They are genderless and good for 10,000 connections, on average.
  • Euro DIN connectors are more complicated. They have distinct male-female connections and a safety mechanism designed to keep the connections secure, even in the most chaotic surroundings.

Your choice of connectors should be relatively straightforward, depending on what environment your forklift navigates. If you have questions or concerns, a local battery expert can guide you to the right decision.

General maintenance tips

Any seasoned contractor can tell you that there is no part of a forklift that has an easy life. Whether it’s exposed to the tumult of a warehouse or the dirt and debris of a construction site, every part of your forklift, inside and out, gets hammered.

The best task you can perform consistently is to simply wipe down your forklift and connectors as often as possible to remove the natural grime that builds up over time.

Before you begin your workday, it’s also a smart idea to check the crimp in the battery that keeps your connectors in place. You should also perform a visual check of the connector housing. Modern connector housings are plastic and can wear down or develop cracks over time. You should similarly make sure that your connector cables are in solid shape (i.e., free of breaks and cracks).

Let the pros pitch in

Get an education on maintaining forklift battery connectors in Jefferson, WI from the helpful team at Remis Power Systems Inc. For four decades, our dedicated team has developed a keen insight into the ever-changing world of industrial batteries and chargers. If you’re looking for a means to charge your industrial equipment, you can find it at Remis Power Systems Inc.

We understand that every business is different, which is why our family owned and operated company is ready to customize a solution that fits your needs. From charging and maintenance to washing and recycling and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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