What Is a Forklift Battery Deionizer?

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Any business owner who relies on their forklift to move merchandise understands the critical importance of a high-functioning battery. Of course, keeping a forklift battery in good working condition is a little bit more labor-intensive than maintaining a regular car battery. After all, when a car battery loses charge, you can just dispose of it and buy a new one. A forklift battery, meanwhile, can provide top-notch performance for your forklift for several charges, provided you treat it right.

With a few tips and some helpful tools, like a forklift battery deionizer in Jefferson, WI, you can keep your forklift battery working well for years to come.

Water is critical

If you want to make sure your battery is charging and running effectively, water is absolutely necessary. Of course, you can’t just slosh water into your forklift battery. If the level is too low, you run the risk of your battery not charging very well. If the level is too high, your battery acid could overflow. That makes a toxic mess and severely shortens the lifespan of your battery.

When to add water

In addition to the level of the water in your forklift battery, adding it at the proper time in the charging cycle is essential. If you add water before you charge a battery, you run the risk of an overflow. As a result, you must add your water after the battery is charged.

Now, most seasoned forklift operators understand when to add water and even how much to add. What some veterans overlook, however, is the quality of water they’re putting into their forklift battery.

Improve your water quality

Some forklift operators are content to use simple tap water when they add water to their forklift battery. That’s a mistake. Fortunately, tool like a forklift battery deionizer in Jefferson, WI can turn ordinary tap water into something extraordinary.

Tap water is filled with harmful impurities that can eat away at your forklift battery, shorten its lifespan and even lead to critical failure. A battery deionizer can be used to quickly remove the toxic elements with minimal hassle. What’s more, one cartridge in a modern deionizer can clean up to 600 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. That’s a vital means of cost savings for your business.

Your battery headquarters

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