Importance of Daily Pre-Shift Inspections on Your Forklifts

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If you’re in a field that requires the use of commercial or industrial equipment, it’s important to understand safety and maintenance above all else. The safety of yourself and of your entire team needs to be your absolute top priority, which means ensuring everyone has the right equipment for their jobs and that it’s all properly maintained. Equipment maintenance is one of the most vital pieces of the entire safety puzzle, and forklift inspections in Jefferson, WI are a great way to regularly ensure all of your machines are in top shape.

What is a pre-shift inspection?

A pre-shift inspection is just what it sounds like: an inspection of equipment that takes place before the work begins for the day. The forklift inspection checklist in Jefferson, WI might change from company to company when it comes to specifics, but the general things you’ll want to check are pretty standard.

These checklists also give you a paper trail of accountability—if you’re a manager, you’ll be able to have a clear and concise record of what maintenance issues are starting to arise, and how they can be addressed promptly and safely. Not only that, inspections are a matter of law—OSHA requires that a forklift be inspected at least once a day, and preferably before every shift starts.

What can pre-shift inspections prevent?

Pre-shift forklift inspections in Jefferson, WI can fulfill a number of objectives and purposes for your operation. They’re a quick five- to 15-minute task, but they can be one of the most important things you’ll do all day. When you perform an inspection, you’re checking for a number of things that can fail and cause damage or injury, including issues like hydraulic failure, stability problems and anything else that can increase the possibility of failure. If you catch these problems early, you’re far more likely to prevent the major issues that can hurt people or cause a massive financial drain on your business.

What should inspectors look for?

Inspectors should look for a number of things when performing forklift inspections in Jefferson, WI. Check for bending forks, as well as the appropriate tension and greasing of all of the machine’s chains. Tires must also be inspected for any signs of wear or damage, as those can greatly affect the operability of the entire machine. Leaks or drips should also be checked for—these can be a telltale sign of emerging or existing hydraulic or engine issues.

When you’re looking at equipment safety in your commercial or industrial operation, it’s important to remember that prevention is well over half the battle. Regular pre-shift forklift inspections aren’t just a good idea—they’re also the law. By keeping in compliance with OSHA regulations, you’re not only protecting your workers—you’re also protecting your business from costly damages and/or fines. Inspections can also reveal maintenance issues like battery problems well before they’re a major issue, which can save you both money and headache down the road. If you’re looking for more information about forklift maintenance and care, give Remis Power Systems Inc. a call today!

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