The Dangers of Ignoring Forklift Maintenance

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Forklifts, like any other kind of moving vehicle, require regular maintenance if they are to operate efficiently and safely for long into the future. While this process can take some time, and it does require some financial investment, you will end up losing much more time and money due to equipment downtime and unnecessarily significant repairs (or even early replacement of the equipment) if you fail to follow some basic forklift maintenance tips in Jefferson, WI.

Here are just a few of the specific consequences you can expect if you do not prioritize forklift maintenance at your workplace.

Inefficient equipment

If you do not keep up with repairs and general maintenance of your forklifts, you can expect that equipment to lose a lot of efficiency in its operation over an extended period of time. Well-tuned forklifts will operate smoothly and efficiently, but those that have been left without proper preventative maintenance will waste fuel, costing you a lot more money on fueling in the long run. It will also result in reduced productivity in your workplace.

It costs much more to put up with an inefficient forklift over an extended period of time than it does to keep up with standard maintenance, so put the investment in now and prevent yourself from having to worry about long-term inefficiency or maintenance problems.

Unsafe equipment

Another clear issue with a lack of preventative maintenance on your forklift is that it could result in some safety issues. If you do not keep up with your forklift maintenance, your equipment will not be as safe to operate and could become unstable over time.

The resulting unsafe work environment could put your workers at risk, leaving you open to potential liability issues in lawsuits or workers compensation claims. It could also cause you to be in noncompliance with workplace safety rules set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other such regulatory bodies.

The safety and happiness of your employees is more than worth the money that you will need to put into regular forklift maintenance performed by skilled and trustworthy professionals.

Equipment that becomes unusable

The longer you ignore maintenance, the more likely it is that the negative effects you see in your forklift will become permanent. A complete and utter failure to perform any sort of maintenance will eventually result in the forklift being completely unusable, as the moving parts will wear down and the battery will likely die. Therefore, if you hope to maximize the useful life of your forklift and avoid having to shell out the money for a replacement earlier than would otherwise be necessary, it is important for you to prioritize preventative maintenance of your forklift.

These are just a few examples of some of the most important reasons for you to stay on top of your preventative forklift maintenance. If you’re interested in learning more about forklift maintenance tips and the dangers of ignoring forklift maintenance in Jefferson, WI, contact the team at Remis Power Systems Inc. today.

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