What You Need to Know About Lithium-Ion Battery Storage

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Lithium-ion batteries are a specialized power source that can be recharged. Due to their construction and mode of operation, these types of batteries must be handled carefully. Certain steps should be taken with lithium battery storage in Jefferson, WI to avoid battery storage hazards.

In fact, the NFPA and OSHA have established standards for lithium battery storage. Following these standards will help avoid potential reactions, fires and explosions. To ensure optimal results and safe handling of lithium-ion batteries, use the following tips:

  • Maintain original packaging: If possible, store lithium-ion battery cells in their original containers. Because it was made for the battery, the manufacturer’s container is the best option for safe lithium battery storage in Jefferson, WI.
  • Watch the temperature: Always check manufacturer’s specifications for the maximum and minimum storage temperatures. Within this range, keep the temperature as cool as possible to maximize shelf life.
  • Keep them ventilated: To avoid battery storage hazards in Jefferson, WI, keep cells in a well-ventilated area. The surroundings must also be kept dry.
  • Protect the contacts: The battery contacts should have a guard in place from the manufacturer. If this guard is no longer available, use electrical tape to cover the contacts and prevent short circuits.
  • Separate the batteries: Choose an isolated area for lithium battery storage in Jefferson, WI to ensure the units are far from combustible or flammable products. If you are storing depleted cells, keep them separated from new cells.
  • Use safety equipment: A dry chemical fire extinguisher should be accessible in the lithium battery storage area in Jefferson, WI. Make sure the extinguisher is an appropriate type for lithium-ion battery incidents.
  • Don’t stack: Placing heavy objects on top of lithium-ion batteries can damage the cell case, which can lead to short circuiting and fires. Due to this danger, always avoid stacking heavy items on top of containers used for lithium battery storage in Jefferson, WI.
  • Consider a cabinet: If you are in need of lithium battery storage in Jefferson, WI, a specialized cabinet may be the best solution. These will protect the batteries from other hazards and limit access to them, if needed.
  • Dispose of properly: Another common battery storage hazard in Jefferson, WI involves the improper disposal of these units. If a battery is damaged, or has reached the end of its life, be sure to dispose of it properly. If you are unsure how to do this or need assistance, contact a local battery specialist.

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