How Does Cold Weather Affect Forklift Batteries?

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When winter hits, machinery often behaves differently than it did in the warm summer months. The drop in temperature can take its toll on forklifts, batteries and other components that you rely on for day-to-day operations. To ensure optimal operation during cold weather, it’s important to understand a few tips about charging cold batteries and a few tricks related to cold weather battery storage in Jefferson, WI. Here’s what you need to know.

Reduced heat means reduced reaction

Batteries used for forklift power sources rely on a chemical reaction between acid and lead. When the temperature is low, the process of generating electricity slows down and produces less power. If the temperature is frigid enough, the power supply may become too low to start or operate the forklift.

Winter battery care

Fortunately, there are a few steps forklift operators can take to keep batteries running during cold weather. Try the following tips to keep the battery warm and reliable:

  • Storage: Even if the forklift is stored outdoors, the battery doesn’t have to remain outside in the cold weather. Consider storing the battery indoors or in a heated charging station. This will keep the battery warm so it will be ready to provide the power needed each day to operate the forklift.
  • Testing: All batteries have a limited lifespan. Even if you use appropriate cold weather battery storage methods in Jefferson, WI, the units will eventually wear down. Always test batteries to see if they need to be recharged or replaced. Do this before cold weather arrives to ensure the battery is ready for winter and avoid breakdowns in the cold.
  • Maintenance: Properly maintained batteries always operate best. For optimal performance, always ensure that the cables and terminals are clean and tightly secured. They should also be properly sealed. Check these components and clean them regularly to prevent any issues.
  • Moisture: When the forklift is not in use, always store the machinery in a dry area. Choose a dry spot to protect the battery from moisture and other elements.
  • Charging: Even if you won’t be using the battery for an extended period of time, it is important to maintain its charge. This is especially important over the winter. Do not let the battery sit for several months in the cold without use. Charge it and check the charge to maintain healthy operation of the battery.
  • Consultation: For more information on charging cold batteries, consult with a local battery specialist. These experts can help you troubleshoot any issues and choose the best solution for your cold weather battery storage in Jefferson, WI.

Get more tips

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