How Should You Clean a Forklift Battery?

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Forklift and lift truck batteries accumulate electrolytes as they power these vehicles. This process leads to leaks and significantly reduces your batteries’ life span. The only way to stop this buildup is through battery washing. You have two options for this: manual battery washing or investing in a battery washing machine in Jefferson, WI. Here are six elements to consider when deciding how to clean batteries:

  • Cost: If you decide on manual battery washing, you pay a lower cost of entry. For smaller startup shops, this approach works until you can make more extensive capital investments. If you are looking more at long-term profits rather than mere survival, a battery washing machine provides a good return on investment and helps large fleets run efficiently.
  • Space versatility: It is easier to install manual battery washing cabinets quickly and add more cabinets as you need them. Manual stations are preferable for temporary fleet expansions, as you do not want to invest in a battery washer only for it to become useless and expensive later. It is also easier to fit manual stations in smaller warehouses, and they make a great temporary solution until your business expands. Battery washers take more space and more time to install. If you do not have the time to accommodate installation, it is likely better to choose manual stations first.
  • Mobility: Manual battery stations are mobile. Workers can move them to wherever they are needed, which is another advantage when working in limited space. You are not stuck in one spot, as you would be with a battery washer.
  • Worker exposure: When workers clean batteries manually, they face exposure to the electrolytes. This fact raises safety concerns, especially if you have a large fleet and many batteries to clean. But if you invest in a battery washer, worker exposure decreases, as do any risks to health and safety.
  • Efficiency: Manual washers work well in the long run if your fleet remains small. But if your business opportunities and fleet grow, you need workers for other tasks besides battery washing. A battery washer allows them to focus on those tasks while a machine takes care of the batteries. It will enable you to run a business more efficiently by automating at least one of your essential tasks.
  • Cleaning options: There is only one way to manually wash a battery in a cabinet. But if you purchase a battery washer, you have more options to ensure better automated cleaning. Washers include adjustable wash times, conveyor systems, air blowoff, power rollers and other features that workers merely need to supervise. You can choose washing systems based on whether you load batteries horizontally or vertically, so you can customize them to your needs. Many of our customers find their investment in these efficiency features more than pays for itself in a short time.

Remis Power Systems Inc. offers industrial battery solutions in Jefferson, WI. Our inventory includes battery washing equipment, whether you decide on manual battery washing or a battery washing machine. Call us today to ask questions or learn more about battery washing.

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