Top Battery Types for Everyday Use

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Batteries power our modern world. From smartphone batteries to car batteries, there are few areas of our lives not affected by them, and the variety of batteries only increases with time. Battery types in Jefferson, WI fall under one of four categories: primary, secondary, industrial and vehicle. Here are a few examples of the top six types of batteries used in our tools and technology:

  • Alkaline batteries: The most common and popular batteries fall under the primary classification. These are one-use, non-rechargeable batteries designed mainly for consumer applications. The type most familiar to you is likely alkaline batteries. If you have a drawer full of AA or AAA batteries for remote controls and toys, you know these batteries well. The AA and AAA varieties power low-drain devices, while C, D and 9V power high-drain devices.
  • Lithium batteries: These batteries are also known as lithium rechargeable batteries, but they have nothing in common with lithium-ion batteries. They are rechargeable and most commonly found in hearing aids, car locks and thermometers. Lithium batteries are different in that they produce high charge density and offer voltages of 1.5 V to 3.7 V.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: These batteries fall under the secondary battery category because they are rechargeable. It is unlikely that you go through your day without coming across a lithium-ion battery. They are the most energetic on the market and power our smartphones and laptops. Battery cells pack five percent of their charge every month as compared to a 20 percent loss with other types of batteries.
  • Absolyte batteries: Absolyte batteries power energy systems, telecommunications, railroad signals, switchgear and photovoltaics. They are safer than other types of industrial batteries because they do not release hydrogen gas or acids. They offer a valve-regulated lead-acid design that stays secure and offers excellent heat control.
  • Steel case batteries: Another industrial battery, the steel case powers lifting trucks and forklifts. They are heavier than other industrial battery types and can weigh up to thousands of kilograms. Fortunately, all of that material is easy to recycle, and scrapyards that will not take other types of batteries will take steel case batteries. So, when these batteries die, you may get scrap value from them, and you do not have to worry about disposal costs.
  • Vehicle batteries: This class of batteries includes those that power cars, trucks, boats and anything else that makes us mobile. For vehicles, they provide power to start, and with hybrid car models, they offer needed power for cars to start and run. The first vehicle battery was the lead-acid battery, and it remains the most widely used vehicle battery in the world. Now, this class of batteries evolves to support clean energy goals, so our cars and trucks become less dependent on fossil fuels.

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