Be Safe While Handling Forklift Batteries!

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Forklift operation is a dangerous profession, which is why it requires a special license and training. But being behind the wheel of a forklift isn’t the only dangerous part of the job: you also need to be wary of handling the batteries.

Forklift batteries are composed of dangerous acids that can cause nasty burns with improper handling or even explode when improperly stored. Continue reading to learn more about forklift battery safety in Jefferson, WI to ensure everyone in your warehouse is as safe as possible.

Battery handling safety procedures

Anyone working with or near forklift batteries should always be wearing safety shoes, safety glasses and a hard hat. Additionally, no metal items should be worn near the battery due to the risk of short circuiting.

A forklift battery should only be lifted with mechanical equipment like a lift truck or overhead hoist. Never use chains while lifting the battery, as that could damage the container.

Before installing a new battery, double-check the tractor nameplate and battery service weight. Using the wrong battery or one that’s too heavy can cause the forklift to tip over.

Battery charging safety procedures

All forklift batteries should be stored and charged in designated areas of the facility. This needs to be a well-ventilated and smoke-free area. Remember, these batteries can be explosive, especially when there’s an open flame nearby.

While the batteries are being charged, keep the tray or compartment covers open. This will allow the gasses to disperse and keep the batteries cooler while charging.

Once it’s time to connect or disconnect the forklift battery from the charger, ensure that the charger is turned off. An active charger coming into contact with a battery can cause an electrical arc and serious injuries.

Contact our team if you need assistance

Now you know a little bit about forklift battery safety in Jefferson, WI, but be sure to come to Remis Power Systems Inc. with all of your battery needs. Here are a few services we offer:

  • Sales: Today’s forklift batteries are built to last for thousands of hours before they need to be replaced, but they won’t last forever. Come to us when you need a new battery! We only sell batteries and battery accessories made by industry-leading brands like ACT, AMETEK and Columbia.
  • Testing: If your forklift battery isn’t holding a charge or isn’t charging up all the way, give us a call. We’ll come out and test your batteries to identify the root of the problem. If any repairs can be made, we can handle them.
  • Recycling: Don’t simply toss your battery in the trash once it bites the dust. Instead, contact Remis Power Systems Inc. We offer battery pickup and eco-friendly disposal to ensure your dead batteries don’t just sit in a landfill until the end of time.

Whether you need to purchase a new battery or you’d like to learn some more about forklift battery safety in Jefferson, WI, call our team at Remis Power Systems Inc. With over 40 years of industry experience, you’re always in good hands when you come to us.

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