What You Need to Know About Shipping and Storing Forklift Batteries

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Forklift operators use forklifts all day long to haul goods across the warehouse floor. While they are certainly concerned about the vehicle’s battery and overall functionality, they might not give too much thought as to how the battery got to the warehouse or what they need to do to ensure proper forklift battery storage in Jefferson, WI.

At Remis Power Systems Inc., we specialize in all things related to forklift batteries. This post will teach you everything you and your employees need to know about the shipment, storage and overall care of forklift batteries.


The method of getting forklift batteries from point A to point B depends on whether the battery is in a dry or wet condition. Either way, forklift battery shipment in Jefferson, WI is a serious business and must be treated with caution.

Transportation companies will ship wet batteries—those filled with electrolytes—if the battery is to be used within 90 days. Because these batteries are filled with dangerous acid and may cause fires, they’re classified as hazardous materials and must be shipped as a HAZMAT item. Before the wet batteries are crafted, they’re given a freshening charge and stamped with the date of the charge.

If the forklift battery is being shipped in a dry state, it does not classify as a HAZMAT item. But the battery must be crated and packaged to prevent the chance of overheating and causing a fire.


Forklift battery storage in Jefferson, WI also varies depending on whether the battery is dry or wet.

A wet battery can be stored for a few months as long as it’s in a clean, cool and dry environment. The average temperature in the warehouse should be about 80 degrees. We advise checking electrolyte gravity levels every month. If the gravity dips below 1.24, the battery should be given a freshening charge.

Dry forklift batteries can be left unattended for up to two years. However, they also need to be in a cool, dry spot in the warehouse. The average temperature also should not exceed 80 degrees.


The average forklift battery should last for about 1,500 cycles of charge and discharge before it fails. However, its actual lifespan depends on how well the battery is cared for.

We recommend cleaning and inspecting your forklift batteries at least once a month. Make sure all of the connections are tight and clean the top of the cells using a mixture of baking soda and water. The baking soda will neutralize any excess acid that has collected at the top of the battery.

You’ll also want to make sure the charger is cutting off when the battery is fully charged and not overcharging the battery. If the battery is overcharged, lower the finish rate and adjust the ampere-hour meter, the temperature-voltage relay and the timer switch.

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