Common Forklift Accidents and Why They Happen

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When it comes to the most common forklift accidents, operators and owners are often surprised to see things like forklift battery maintenance making the top of the list. There are some surprising ways that forklifts can become dangerous when improperly operated. 

The causes of most forklift accidents range from maintenance issues to operator error. The best way to prevent a forklift accident is to make sure safety measures are taken and that your forklifts are routinely repaired. 

Here’s what the team at Remis Power Systems wants you to know about forklift safety. 

1. Accidents Caused by Poor Maintenance 

The most common forklift accidents are actually the result of poor maintenance. 

Maintenance often means downtime, which means losing out on some profits, but nothing costs more profit than a forklift accident or collision. Keeping up with routine maintenance schedules not only ensures that you never need to go down for serious repairs, but it also reduces the risk of unexpected behavior from forklifts that even experienced drivers can’t handle. 

2. Forklift Rollovers

Forklift rollovers are incredibly common and warehouse settings. These can be caused by imbalance loads in the forklift, uneven driving services, or sudden movements from forklifts that can even be caused by mechanical failures and maintenance problems.

Forklift rollovers can severely injure operators, damage and destroy equipment, and even lead to serious OSHA violation fines. 

3. Emissions and Damaged Batteries 

Did you know that forklift emissions poisoning is a serious cause of forklift-related accidents?

This includes not only the fumes and the fuel that forklifts use but also the lead acid batteries that they rely on as well. Having fresh, well-maintained batteries is a key part of reducing forklift accidents. 

4. Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Workers 

When it comes to causes of most forklift accidents, pedestrian collisions are no joke. These represent nearly 20% of all forklift accidents in the workplace. 

Forklift accidents involving pedestrians are often caused when workers are undertrained when it comes to forklift safety. This includes employees who are not forklift operators. These collisions can also be caused when corners are cut when it comes to safety around these dangerous machines. 

5. Operator Error and Fatigue 

Forklift operator error and fatigue is also a serious problem when it comes to forklift accidents. Overworked forklift operators become less safety aware and less efficient when operating these powerful vehicles. This can lead to an increased likelihood of accidents and increased severity of those accidents. 

Preventing Forklift Accidents 

The most common forklift accidents can be avoided with the right safety precautions and proper forklift maintenance. You might not expect it, but a failing forklift battery can cause everything from mechanical failure to collisions with pedestrians and other machinery. 

You can get a head start on fixing and preventing the causes of most forklift accidents when you use quality parts from Remis Power Systems. 


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