Forklift Maintenance Tips To Prepare For Summer Weather

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Summer is finally here, and it’s important that you start getting your warehouse equipment ready for optimal functionality during the warm weather. Additionally, preparing your forklift for summer will keep your employees safer by limiting equipment failure, resulting in accidents and injury to people. Here is our top recommended forklift maintenance checklist for summer.

1. Inspect the Cooling System and Coolant Fluid

The warm summer weather can cause internal issues to your forklifts. Therefore, as the warm season starts, you should ensure that the cooling systems in your ICE forklifts are in tip-top condition. Ensure you refill the coolant fluid to the manufacturer-suggested level. When the coolant fluid in your forklifts runs below the minimum recommended levels, their engines could be damaged. Therefore, throughout summer, refill and replace the coolant liquids often. Replacing the coolant fluid will get rid of deteriorated coolant and maintain maximum cooling effect throughout the warm season. During this replacement, flush the cooling system with coolant fluid to remove any other debris from the system.

2. Inspect the Radiator and Radiator Hoses

Examine the radiator and the radiator hoses for any cracks and malfunctions. The presence of cracks, leaks and malfunctions can inhibit the proper flow of the coolant liquid, resulting in extensive damage to the cooling system and even engine damage. Ensure that the radiator hoses with deteriorated rubber are replaced before using the forklifts during the summer.

3. Examine the Tires

The excess heat of summer can cause deteriorated forklift tires to crack and burst under a load. Thus, as summer begins, it’s critical that you examine the condition of the tires on your forklifts. Make sure that the rubber on the tires is in tip-top condition. Additionally, confirm that the pneumatic tires have the correct air pressure. It’s an excellent idea to let a little air out of the tires at the beginning of summer to prevent blowout.

4. Stay On Top of Your Maintenance Schedule

Summer is likely the busiest season for your business. Therefore, as the warm season begins, you should ensure that you stay on top of your maintenance schedule. This means making sure that every component of your forklift works well. Thus, you should do some test runs for each forklift to pinpoint other custom problems it might have. This will prevent forklift downtime that may result from the failure of the other components, therefore, sustaining optimal productivity.

Note: The high summer temperature can result in low fluid levels and corrosion if you have electric forklifts. The evaporation of battery fluid due to the extreme heat could lead to decreased forklift lifespan. Therefore, make sure you regularly check the battery fluid levels and PH.

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