Tips on Changing a Forklift Battery Safely

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With advanced technology, forklifts use powered batteries instead of gas or fuel. The use and popularity of battery-powered forklifts are increasing across various industrial sectors due to their massive benefits to the environment.

Forklifts batteries provide extended running periods, reduce harmful emissions, and shorten recharging times. However, several hazards are associated with forklift batteries, particularly during the charging of batteries. Below, we will discuss how to change a forklift battery safely, including several tips for changing forklift batteries.

Wear Proper Gear or Clothing 

This is one of the most vital aspects for anyone intending to change a forklift battery. As mentioned earlier, forklift batteries can be quite harmful and cause hazardous health effects from toxic and corrosive chemicals, such as lead-acid and nickel-iron. 

Suppose you accidentally or intentionally get in direct contact with these forklift batteries without wearing any protective gear or clothing. In that case, you can be highly exposed to several health conditions and injuries caused by these corrosive materials. Therefore, it is highly advisable to wear proper PPEs while handling forklift batteries.

Always Check the Electrolytes Levels Before Recharging

Checking the electrolytes levels in your forklift battery is paramount. If the electrolyte levels are low, it can damage your forklift batteries by increasing the strength of sulfuric acid, which can fasten the corrosion rate to the battery cell plates. 

Once the sulfuric acid levels heighten, the cell plates are in danger of being exposed to oxidation which can significantly raise the temperatures of the electrolytes, thus destroying the battery grids and leads.

Take Significant Precautions in the Designated Area of Charging

The place you choose to recharge your forklift battery should be completely safe from any electrical appliances or wires. While charging your forklift battery, you should take significant precautions to prevent sparks, open flames, or electric arcs within your designated area.

Safely Attach the Battery Terminals Correctly 

While charging the forklift battery, it is essential to secure and connect the battery terminals correctly. If the batteries are wrongly attached, it can cause severe damage to the battery itself and be dangerous to your well-being. 

While charging the forklift batteries, always connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal and the negative clamp to the negative terminal. The battery clamps are usually different in colors for easy identification. The positive clamp is typically red, while the negative clamp is generally black.

Always Check the Battery Water Levels Before Recharging

The water levels in a forklift battery are vital for overall performance and efficiency. If the water levels are too low, the battery can be sulfated, leading to irreversible damage. 

However, if the water levels are too high, the electrolyte levels in the battery might overflow, damaging the battery. It is always vital to check the water levels before recharging your forklift battery.

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