Top Forklift Safety TIps

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Forklifts are needed to manage effective business operations quickly and efficiently. However, quality safety protocols can be the difference between a severe injury or having the day go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, many injuries occur by not following simple and effective safety measures. Safety compliance keeps you and everyone at your workplace safer and more efficient. Learn about forklift safety tips for the workplace below.

Inspect the Equipment

You should always do safety checks before preparing to operate a forklift. Check different operational items such as the brakes, controls and steering to ensure everything is working correctly. You should always inform a supervisor of any issues.

Wear Protective Equipment 

Never operate a forklift without the necessary protective gear. Wear visible clothing, hard hats and steel-toed boots. Also, make sure clothes fit correctly to prevent them from getting caught in the forklift. 

Adjust the Forklift

It’s dangerous to operate a forklift if you are not positioned correctly. You should always ensure that you are correctly seated in the forklift and secure. Ensure that you can reach the controls and mirrors for good visibility. All body parts should be in the operator’s cabin.

Watch Your Surroundings

Be vigilant in your work area and follow established protocols. Operate the forklift only in designated areas. Also, keep a safe distance from the edges of ramps to prevent falling over. Also, be observant of all signs for notification, such as height clearance. 

Make Sure the Load Is Stable

You should always make sure the forks are low and the load is stable before moving it. A proper position will prevent the forklift from falling over. Also, any weight placed on the forklift should be evenly distributed across both forks. Any unstable objects should be bound together.

Follow Forklift Operator Safety Responsibilities 

There are specific protocols that need to be followed when operating a forklift. When the day is over, forklifts always need to be parked in an authorized area. Also, all forks need to be completely lowered to the floor and use the parking brake. Forklifts should only be running when someone is operating them. Finally, make sure the forklift is off and keys are removed before leaving for the day.  

By following proper safety protocols, you can be sure of safe forklift operation. By following the tips above, you will keep yourself safe, along with everyone else in your work environment. 

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