3 Simple Steps To Prolong the Life of Your Forklift Battery

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Your forklift’s battery can last an average of five years if you provide the unit with no special care or concern. However, you could extend its life for up to ten years if you take care of it. The following are three tips you can implement if you want to know how to extend the life of a forklift battery. 

Clean Your Battery Frequently

Paying close attention to the signs of wear and using suitable housekeeping methods will extend your battery’s life by default. That said, you should check the battery regularly and try to get rid of any visible corrosion. Leaving corrosion on your battery can cause it to have an early demise. 

To remove corrosion from your battery or terminals, you’ll need to dip some Q-tips into a small amount of vinegar. You can usually remove the corrosion by rubbing the area with them. However, you may need to use baking soda and a toothbrush if your battery has stubborn spots that don’t seem to want to go away. This process should only take you 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, you can turn your forklift off and perform it during a slow part of the day.

Keep Your Eye on the Water Level

Your forklift’s battery is most likely the type that needs maintenance. One thing that needs to be maintained is the water level. Therefore, you will need to keep an eye on it. You will probably see a window on the battery that will give you access to the unit’s water level reading.

Look at that and add plain water when you notice it getting low. Distilled water is the safest and most effective type of water to add to a battery. If you have any issues or concerns with the process of filling the battery, please get in touch with a forklift battery technician. This person can do the procedure if you feel uncomfortable with it and will ensure that it gets done to industry standards.  

Avoid Using Mismatching Equipment

It can be tempting to use the wrong equipment and accessories when you’re working hard and trying to get finished with the load. However, if you do that, you could steal some years from your forklift battery’s life. For instance, you should avoid using a charger not designed for your unit. Instead, take the time to connect to the correct charger and save yourself from taking care of unnecessary damages.

Using the wrong products can cause a heap of issues for your forklift battery. Broken terminals are one issue you could end up with if you connect to the wrong thing, so it’s better to be safe now than regretful later. 

Partaking in the above-mentioned tips alone will add some extra life to your forklift battery. Try the tips for making forklift battery last longer and add additional steps that you believe will also add time to your clock. Furthermore, reach out to the manufacturer or a maintenance technician if you have any questions.  

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