3 Warning Signs That Your Forklift Battery Needs to Be Replaced

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Forklift batteries typically last for five years, but they can last up to ten with the proper care and maintenance. You can check the manufacturer’s information to get a more accurate estimate of the battery’s life expectancy. These signs will tell you when to know if your forklift battery needs to be replaced.

Massive Power Loss

A forklift with a dying battery will usually exhibit massive power loss. The difference typically won’t be subtle, as you’ll be able to feel the unit’s sluggishness and underwhelming performance. You will notice that it takes the forklift longer to drive you from one end of the worksite or warehouse to the other.

You’ll also see that it struggles to lift pallets and move things with the same strength it used to have. You might even hear strange sounds as the battery continues to peter out. Furthermore, the situation will get worse every day and will never seem to improve.

That’s a gigantic indication that your battery is running its last lap. It’s about time if you’ve had the forklift and the original battery for five years or more. Otherwise, improper usage or manufacturing defects may have caused its early demise.

Time Usage Slows Down

Another sign that your forklift’s battery is dying is when you notice that the time you get to ride it declines rapidly. Maybe you used to be able to drive it for an entire eight-hour shift and beyond, but now you have to charge it after six hours. The six hours could go down to four in a few weeks. This rapid loss of charge is one of the clear signs of a battery losing its pizzazz.

You Notice Visible Signs

Another warning sign that you need to change the battery in your forklift is if you see visual issues. If you see corrosion on the battery, you need to start looking for a replacement battery ASAP. Even worse is when your battery leaks actual battery acid, and you can see it.

If that happens, you will need to stop driving the forklift, tag it, and have someone dispose of the hazardous battery as soon as possible. Then you will need to purchase a replacement battery.

A few things can help your battery stay strong and not die so quickly. Checking on its health regularly and avoiding overcharging are two things that will help you to keep it in excellent shape.

You are most likely due for a new battery if you notice any of the above signs. Forklift batteries can be pricey, but they are usually not as expensive as an entirely new forklift. The investment in a new battery will be worth it when you restore your ability to reach maximum productivity levels again.

You can now be 100% certain about the answer to the question, “What are the signs I need a new forklift battery?” Pay close attention to the indicators and have your forklift battery changed if the existing one displays any of the signs it needs changing.

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