5 Important Forklift Battery Accessories To Purchase

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Battery accessories are an important part of forklift battery maintenance. They help to ensure your fleet’s electric forklift batteries are in top condition and ready to work when needed. Here are 5 important items you should purchase as part of your forklift battery accessory kit: 

Battery Charger 

A good charger should match your batteries’ output voltage and AH rating. This is to prevent overcharging the battery, which can shorten its life. It should also be able to equalize the batteries’ electrolyte and stir the battery chemistry sufficiently. The best way to find the right forklift charger is to match it to your warehouse’s power input. In most facilities, this is a 240 v single or three-phase current. 

Battery Monitor 

A battery monitor can tell you exactly how your forklift batteries are doing and if they need to be serviced. This can save you money in the long run and keep your equipment working efficiently. In some cases, it can also identify which batteries need to be replaced early. This is important, as they can be expensive to repair. 

Battery Tray 

A battery tray is a device used to keep a large battery pack securely in place. It prevents the battery from rolling away, which can cause damage to the surrounding area. Depending on the battery, each cell is made up of a positive plate covered in lead dioxide, a negative plate, and a separator material that keeps the plates apart but allows electrolytic fluid to flow through them. These cells are surrounded by an electrolyte solution that is made up of sulfuric acid. If the battery is not charged and maintained properly, it can become sulfated, which can shorten its life. 

Battery Cables 

Battery cables are a vital part of your forklift’s electrical system. They connect your battery terminals to the starter, ignition, and other parts of your vehicle’s electric system. If your batteries’ cables become damaged, they may not be able to supply your engine with the current it needs to turn over. This can lead to your battery failing to start and can even cause your car to run poorly. It’s crucial to maintain your battery cables regularly and replace them as needed. In addition, make sure to check your cables for corrosion. Corroded cables can build up and be extremely hard to remove, which could cause serious damage to your battery and your vehicle. 

Battery Bag 

One of the most important forklift battery accessories to purchase is a battery bag. These bags help to protect the batteries while they are in storage and when they are in transit. They also serve as a reminder to the forklift operator of when they need to charge their batteries, so that they can keep their operations going for longer. 

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